[Photo credit: Andrew Piccone]

Diet cig have cancelled their upcoming performance at Messiah College due to the school's anti-LGBT policies.

You can read the band's full statement, below.

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According to the Messiah College handbook, “students who experience same sex attraction or identify as gay or lesbian are expected to refrain from 'same sex sexual expression' as it is embodied in culturally contextual practices (e.g. identifying as a couple or exhibiting expressions of physical intimacy).”

After the band was made aware of these policies, they took to Twitter to release a statement and announce the cancellation of their college show.

“Hi everyone!! Just fyi we've cancelled our show on 11/29 @ messiah college. It was brought to our attention that they have some really serious anti-LGBT policies + we have no desire to support or benefit from an institution that discriminates against its LGBT students/faculty/staff. We're really sorry if you were excited for the show, we're always touring and we'll probably be back near you sooner  than later. We love you, thanks for understanding. 


A + N”

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