The Dillinger Escape Plan have announced their sixth album, Dissociation, is likely to be their last.

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The album, which is due out Oct. 14, will release via their Party Smasher Inc. label. 

While it is unclear whether Dillinger is disconnecting for good, the band will be taking an extended hiatus. 

“Every Dillinger record always seems like the last – it always seems like there is no more in me,” says lead guitarist Ben Weinman. 

 “I don't look at this as an end,” adds vocalist Greg Puciato. “It's just part of the whole. The whole for me. The whole for the band. The whole for its members individually. The whole for the listeners, of which we are only a part of their listening choices.”

If this is, in fact, the end, Puciato says he wants the world to know this:

“…We were free and did what we wanted with pretty much zero regard for rules or expectations or our own past or future. The balance of fucks in our account has never once been above zero.” 

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