Disney gender wage gap lawsuit
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Walt Disney Studios has come under fire recently for allegations regarding a gender pay inequity. Two employees filed a complaint against the corporation, stating that women were being paid less than men.

The two women who filed the complaint, LaRonda Rasmussen and Karen Moore, shared that, among other things, the company in some instances may be paying women employees “tens of thousands of dollars less than their male counterparts.”

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According to Deadline, the Rasmussen and Moore worked for the company for 11 and 20 years respectively.

“When it comes to paying women fairly, The Walt Disney Company, nearing its 100th, year, is woefully behind the times,” the document’s first paragraph says. “Put simply, Disney refuses to pay its women employees equal to men doing the same work. In many instances, Disney is paying women workers tens of thousands of dollars less than their male counterparts.”

Additionally the women’s’ attorneys Lori Andrus and Jennie Lee Anderson weighed in on the recent lawsuit, claiming that women are “fed up” with unequal pay.

“Women are fed up with being treated as cheap labor,” Andrus said. “We hope that this lawsuit will shed some light on the pay discrimination that Disney is subjecting its hard-working female employees to.”

While the document demands change, the production company seems to be reluctant. According to Deadline, they have intentions to refute the suit, as they believe the claims are false.

“The lawsuit’s uninformed generalized allegations about Disney’s policies and practices are baseless,” Disney says. “Disney maintains robust pay equity practices and policies. Even before California’s Fair Pay Act, Disney created a specialized team of compensation professionals and lawyers to analyze and address the company’s pay equity practices.”

The 21-page complaint was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last earlier this week. You can read the entire document if you wish to do so here.

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