[Photos by: Jamie Lee Curtis Taete/Vice/Instagram]

Disneyland's goth day has come to an end, and we're not taking the news lightly.

The last official Bats Day in the Fun Park took place last weekend, and the reasons why will likely make you sad.

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For those who are not familiar with the event, goth day has been happening in Disneyland for the past 20 years and includes parties, live music and even discouted park tickets and hotel rooms.

According to Vice, event organizers decided to call it quits for economical, political and cultural reasons.

The first two, says Bats Day founder Noah Korda, have to do with changes to the tax law, which have diminished the tax deductions organizers were able to do.

 “We really can’t do 100 percent of our deductions that we’ve always been able to do,” Korda tells Vice. “Mind you, we can still do some deductions, but it’s not nearly as much as what we have been able to do.”

“We ran different scenarios to see whether or not we could keep doing this, and we did a lot of research, a lot of research with tax attorneys and with our tax attorney, and, unfortunately, it just wasn’t feasible to actually continue to do the event with the way that we run the event,” he continues.

However, there's another reason: The goth community isn't what it used to be anymore, according to Korda.

“Honestly, I want to say goth pretty much died out around 2005 [or] 2006,” the Bats Day founder explains. “Really, what the goth community was, it was all about the music. And unfortunately, due to the lack of new goth music coming it, it’s sort of metamorphosized into sort of like a, I guess you could say, like a style.”

Seeing how we love all music that speak to our dark-as-night souls, we're not convinced goth is really dead. Maybe we should just blame it on the taxes.

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