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Well, the United States’ 2020 election day has quickly turned into an election week. While we wait to see if Joe Biden or Donald Trump win the remaining key states, the internet has been sharing plenty of thoughts, tweets and memes since Tuesday.

Now, the internet is using one of Trump’s popular catchphrases against him as voting results across the country continue to pour in.

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At this time, the world is still waiting to see if Biden or Trump will win the presidency in the United States. Currently, key votes are still be counted in Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska and Pennsylvania. Although Biden is leading in the majority of these crucial states, it’s a waiting game to see who will end up with the final electoral college votes that are up for grabs.

As we all continue to wait, the internet is using this anxiety-filled time to share plenty of good content. In particular, Donald Trump’s “you’re fired” catchphrase from his time on The Apprentice has been trending as he continues to trail in key states.

Former Disney star Emily Osment is one of the few actresses to tweet the catchphrase this week.

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As well, Best Coast also shared a simple tweet using the popular Trump catchphrase against him.

Along with the familiar faces, plenty of other individuals on social media are joining in on the trend.

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What are your thoughts on the internet using Donald Trump’s “you’re fired” catchphrase against him? How are you feeling about the 2020 election? Let us know in the comments below.