The Underoath rumor mill has been doing overtime today, as reports of the band having definitive plans to write new music began to make their rounds. These stemmed from a formatting issue in a recent press release.

After reaching out to the band's manager, Randy Nichols, AP can confirm that nothing has evolved beyond what we originally reported in UO’s AltPress-exclusive reunion interview

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“I want to leave things open-ended,” said frontman Spencer Chamberlain. “I don’t think we’re ever going to be a full-time band again, but I don’t like the idea of being so closed off to things. That’s what was so hard about the farewell tour, because it could’ve been that we were going on an indefinite hiatus. And I think now, the idea is the hiatus is off. Are we writing? I don’t know until we get in a room together. Are we going to do another tour? I don’t know.”

In other words, Underoath have no plans to write new music, but are not fully closed off to the idea.

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“I would never rule that out, but for me, I don’t know that it’s possible,” said drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie. “I’m so busy: I own a studio, I’ve been playing for Paramore, I’m doing my solo thing and we all have families, etc. Is it feasible with what everyone has going on? That’s the main part of the situation.”

In case you somehow forgot, Underoath will embark on a reunion tour in 2016, where they will perform both They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line in full each night. Tickets for select dates are still available for purchase.

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