[Photo by: Mattel/Target]

Do you like playing Uno? Well, brace your wits for a card game that's being billed as “two times the fun.” That's right, Mattel is dropping a Target-exclusive Uno “sequel” game called Dos this spring. Are you ready to play it?

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Doubling down on the ubiquitous family fun of Uno—first launched in 1971—the toy company is introducing Dos as a new-generation update to the classic card game. And, I mean, hey, it only took them 47 years, am I right?

Dos, which reportedly comes at a standard retail price $5.99, will first be rolled out in Target stores this March—see the video below. Come August, the card game follow-up will start being available in other stores, according to CNBC.

But how's the game play? Does it live up to the quaint but enthralling hours of fun that Uno provides? “It's not nearly as fun as the original,” says Insider's Jacob Shamsian, who reviewed the new Dos game. Well, OK then!

So, Uno. Dos. Hmm… maybe in 2065 we'll get ¡Tré!?

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