Down & Dirty—Denis Stoff's former band—has released their first song with a new lineup.

The band have previously hinted at a new album on their Facebook and teased two announcements for this week.

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Stoff, formerly of Asking Alexandria fame, took his YouTube popularity to the next level and formed Make Me Famous in 2010. He left in 2012, and the whole band disbanded in 2013.

Down & Dirty quickly followed Make Me Famous. Like Make Me Famous, they were signed to Sumerian and featured Stoff on vocals. In May 2015, Stoff officially announced his departure from Down & Dirty to join Asking Alexandria.

Stoff and Asking Alexandria parted ways in late 2016.

Years later and Down & Dirty are back with a new lineup and what looks to be a home still at Sumerian (“Heaven Sent” is uploaded to the record company's YouTube channel).

They teased their reunion in Summer 2016.

When they posted the new song, Down & Dirty said: “Success isn't an accident. It's hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most all, it's loving what you do, or are learning to do.”

One member persists from the old lineup: guitarist Kir Medvedev. The new lineup sees Medvedev joined by Ezekiel Pierson, Tony Lerma, Matt Ryan and Jon-Mikel Valudes. Pierson is on vocals.

Listen to the new song, “Heaven Sent”:

On the Stoff side of things, it looks like the singer might be teasing a new project.


Anubis. �� Hitting the studio in 3 days. ��

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