Being allergic to bees and getting stung over 400 times is a recipe for disaster, but channeling Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta is what it took for one 11-year-old boy to survive this grim situation.

See how Andrew Kunz used “full force power” to stay alive below!

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As one can imagine, bees don't like it when you shoot at their home with a BB gun. Unfortunately for Kunz, he didn't realize that the old rusted up car he was shooting at contained a hive of Africanized honeybees which went into attack mode at the sound of the BBs hitting the car.

Gila Valley Central reported that the boy was “engulfed in bees” before being rescued by Safford Fire Chief Clark Bingham. It also turns out that this isn't the first time that Kunz has been attacked by a large group of insects, as the boy was stung over “90 times by ants when he was in Kindergarten and was found to be allergic to any stinging insect.”

Benadryl and a steroid is what the hospital gave him, but Kunz explained to the local news station what actually kept him alive.

“Full force power,” Kunz tells the reporter before revealing, “I'm Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta.”

Kunz is not only our new hero but also on his way to recovery, reports WJBD.

Kunz ends the newcast by telling us, “I survived the 400 stings” with a nice fist pump at the end.

You sure did Andrew and you're our new hero. Check out the news broadcast below.