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Hug me, brotha! At least, we need a hug after finding out that THE Drake & Josh house is for sale. You know, the one where Megan pulled her epic pranks. And the one where they made their bets to swear off junk food and video games… Ah, the memories.

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As TMZ reports, the San Fernando Valley house (used for exterior shots only) is on the market for $1.85 million, with five bedrooms, five baths, a tennis court and a pool. Uh, where was this tennis court on the show?

Josh has the exact same question. In a hilarious video, the beloved Josh Peck hops into character as Josh Nichols and proceeds to ask all the same questions we had.

Strolling up to the house, he says, “I played catch with Megan here, and this is where I'm sure we played some sort of trick on Walter.”

Joking whether he'd been inside, Josh has to play it up with: “This is where I lived my entire life!”

Of course, he's disappointed to find out that there are five bedrooms—so why did Drake and Josh have to share the attic?!—and they must've added that tennis court and swimming pool when they “went off to college.”

“I guess the news channel is paying Walter well,” Josh says.

We laughed harder than we should have. Watch the video below and prepare to feel all the nostalgia.

This isn't the first throwback that we've gotten in the past few years. Last year, Drake Bell hopped back into character as Drake Parker to help “find Walter,” who was seemingly missing. He called on Helen (Yvette Nicole Brown), THE Foam Finger Guy (Fred Stoller) and, of course, Drake’s mom Audrey (Nancy Sullivan) for help.

Plus, Drake and Josh had a reunion IRL at the VMAs this year, and honestly, we just hope this reunion actually happens soon. That theme song will likely be stuck in our heads forever. (Listen below for all the feels.)

So, who wants to chip in and save the Drake & Josh house? Let us know in the comments below!