Yesterday, we learned that a man was severely bitten (yes, bitten!) at Lollapalooza. Now, Chicago sports/music site Major Onions (via Consequence Of Sound) has posted this video footage of a college-aged guy backflipping off a bridge into the Chicago River. “It’s gonna be cold as fuck,” the guys says before jumping off the high bridge. Apparently, he was on his way home from Lollapalooza when he had this bright idea.

“Just do it,” his friend pushes. “Just do it. You’re good.” One of the crazier moments in the video happens when he’s about to jump, and a giant boat comes right under the bridge. They laugh about his close call with getting plowed by the massive ship. “Just do it. Quit being a pussy,” the friend continues. Check out video footage from two different angles below, and don’t ever try this at home.