The Rock, Pete Wentz have glorious Twitter exchange, and we’re here for it

January 3, 2018
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Yep, you read that right: Pete Wentz and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are basically BFFs. (In the Twitter world, at least.)

Wentz had a proper freak out when The Rock responded to his tweet, and all we can say is “same.”

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Wentz initiated the convo, tweeting: “Watching the Rock wait to get on his private jet to China on ig has me feeling the same way I did when I was a little kid watching the junior high kids wait to get on their bus… thanks for the inspiration @TheRock I’m gonna be like you one day.”

The Rock shared an equally amazing response, saying: “Haha thanks, but I wanna be like you you rockstar. Congrats on the baby news brother.” (We're excited for the baby news, too!)

Wentz was clearly shocked after The Rock noticed him, and his reply is actually all of us:

If The Rock responded to us, we'd likely want that to be put on our tombstone, too. And if Wentz responded to us, we'd also put that on our tombstone, honestly.

But we're equally as excited over the baby news as The Rock is. Wentz and his family rang in the new year with news that he's expecting his third child.

He shared a heart-melting image on Instagram, saying they'll be “kicking the year off with news of the best gift yet”—and the baby emoji says it all. (Plus, that pink wrapping paper has to mean a little girl!) Check out the adorable announcement photo here!

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Written by Maggie Dickman