Eisley fans, rejoice: The indie-rock group have released a new track “Defeatist,” their first new song in three years, which will be released on their fifth full-length, set to be released early 2017 via Equal Vision Records. (via Billboard)

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This will be the first Eisley record with vocalist/guitarist Sherri DuPree-Bemis as the primary writer and frontwoman, which she took on in 2015 after the group’s lineup change. Though she tells Billboard that the song is not necessarily about her taking on the new role, the lyrics provide motivation for challenges like those that she’s faced.

“It's about belonging to something bigger than yourself and not letting your own insecurities trip you up from having everything that you want,” Dupree-Bemis says. “‘Defeatist’ is about fighting for something or someone you love with passion and devotion, no matter the cost…When you know someone is worth fighting for, you fight till the death.”

Full details on their new release have yet to be announced.

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