It's safe to say that most elders out there aren't jamming out to German industrial metal band Rammstein, and the elders of Elders React are no different.

Check out what they thought below!

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From there, the elders were exposed to some of Rammstein's biggest hits such as “Du Hast” and “Sonne.” What truly took the attention of our senior citizens wasn't the music from Rammstein, but rather their music videos.

“There are nicer things to look at. That's kind of like borderline evil,” commented reactor Rock.

Rock also provided translations of Rammstein's german lyrics, explaining how “Du Hast Me” meant “You have me” and “Dann musst du es verbrenne” from “Benzin” translates to “Then you must burn it.”

The one music video that truly got a reaction from the elders was “Mann Gegen Mann” which features a very naked, oily Rammstein and lots of yells and screaming. Many of the reactors enjoyed the music so kept their headphones on and merely looked away from the action that was happening in the music video.

“I hated it. What do I need to see a bunch of naked guys playing guitars for?” asked Rock.

After listening to six Rammstein songs, the guests were asked what they thought of Rammstein. Overall, most of the guests actually ended up liking the German industrial metal band.

“I've never seen anything like this before, and I was quite interested in it. It's an education.” said Roger.

Will they listen to Rammstein after this? Time will tell. Watch them react for yourself below!