Grab those gallons of SunnyD and get ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Juno!

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Ellen Page, who starred as Juno in the 2007 cult-classic film, will reunite with her hamburger phone once again. Page, Jennifer Garner and other female actresses from the film will do a live-read of the script to benefit Planned Parenthood.

Director Jason Reitman organized the event in the wake of the results of the presidential election which resulted in an attack on women’s health organizations—especially those, like PP, which do abortions.

The one-night event will take place the Ace Theater in Los Angeles on April 8. Tickets are available here. Proceeds from ticket sales as well as memorabilia will go to support PP. 

“Like many other people, I felt like I wanted to do something. I wanted to find a way to contribute to the causes that have never felt more important,” Reitman told Entertainment Weekly. “It occurred to me that I have this show that could be used as a tool to not only raise money for causes that need the help, but could serve as an opportunity for a group like Planned Parenthood to connect with an audience who can be presented with new ideas, or even an action item.”

“If there was any confusion about whether Juno was pro-choice or pro-life, this should settle that,” Reitman added. “Juno had a choice, and that was the most important part.”