[Photo by: The Jerry Springer Show/YouTube]

What's the best way to win over your emo girl? An acoustic song battle of course…

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An emo love triangle came to The Jerry Springer Show looking for help to straighten out their relationship issues once and for all. 

The “I Literally Hate You!” episode saw Carly (the lucky girl of both men's affection) forced to make the tough decision between Stephen (the one in the plaid shirt and jacket) and Johnny (the Billie Joe impersonator).

As both men were willing to fight for her love, they participated in an emo song battle—both wielding a guitar and their devotion.

The argument actually turned out to be a super catchy song. We think they should just forget the girl and start a band…

Find out who Carly chooses below:

Who do you think won this emo battle? Johnny or Stephen? Let us know in the comments!

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