If you're living your truth as an emo kid every day of the week, this is one documentary you're going to want to check out. 

The founders of Emo Nite LA are premiering the documentary Every Night is Emo Nite in tandem with Paper Magazine as it explores three different Emo Nite mainstays named Dante, Rocky, and Brittany as they showcase their own stories. 

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Directed by Anderson Wright, the documentary was created to help showcase some of the powerful stories the attendees in cities like Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles have lived. Brittany, seen in the documentary, summed up the magic of the night as such: “The music comes on, and everyone is equal.” Beyond the documentary, you can mark your calendars to attend Emo Nite Day, an event marking Emo Nite's 3-year anniversary. It takes place at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, CA on Dec. 3, 2017. Tickets are available to purchase in advance now.

If you're interested in watching the documentary, you can view it in its entirety below.

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