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Andy Biersack unveils “The Andy Show” this week, here’s what he had to say about it

November 21 2016, 3:26 PM EST By Jason Pettigrew

Black Veil Brides frontman ANDY BIERSACK is launching his internet talk show, The Andy Show, tomorrow through the auspices of The Patreon. For the cost of $2 a month, subscribers will get access to the show, while other premiums and content will be available at additional price points.

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Biersack’s cousin Joe Flanders (Funny Or Die’s Average Joe; Bad Times, Good Stories) will be his sidekick on this venture, while BVB manager Blasko also will be co-hosting and what Biersack terms as “holding down the rock vibes of the show.” Longtime creative foil Patrick Fogarty (“who has done pretty much all of my music video stuff from ‘Knives And Pens’ up to now”) will be behind the camera, as well as helping write some of the sketches. The weekly hour-long show derives its name from a quip one of the singer’s school teachers would use to reprimand him in front of the whole class: “This isn't The Andy Show.”

“I just shot the first episode last Wednesday,” says Biersack. “Joe and I grew up together and have been trying to make everyone watch us do funny things ever since we were little kids. Usually it ended with me having a temper tantrum because he wouldn't listen to me about exactly what the funniest thing to do was. But as I got older, I stopped throwing temper tantrums, so now we just make funny things and put them on the internet together.”

Biersack says the bulk of his show will be a weekly round-up, “to talk about shit that's happening in the week and things going on with me. People who are viewers of the show get to write in and ask questions to me, so there's a lot of that, some chatting about the election and the legalization of weed and how that doesn't affect me at all because I can't smoke it without getting violently ill.” He also promises special guests that won’t necessarily constitute a bro-fest. “I don't necessarily want to have people I hang out with all the time, because then it turns into a big ass-kissing reminiscing festival. I want to have people on who are interesting and different, but I could learn something from in the context of the show, and people I'm involved with in some way that would want to talk about something good coming out. It's a bit of a variety show.”

You can subscribe to the show now right here and check out a preview below.


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