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Acceptance break up, form two new bands

August 02 2006, 6:26 AM EDT By

Melodic pop-rock act Acceptance have announced they are breaking up after eight years, two EPs and one full-length, last year's Phantoms. Guitarist Christian McAlhaney posted the news on the band's MySpace blog, also explaining the members' future projects. That post is duplicated below:
" Acceptance that you all have know and loved is no more... You see, there comes a time in a band members life where he must choose between the abnormal life of a gypsy rock musician and the normal life of the common man. Jason, our beloved lead singer, has chosen the latter and decided to take on the yoke of the common man. HOWEVER, the rest of us do not share in this desire for normalcy and have decided to continue in our pursuit of rock stardom. You should all be expecting to hear a new kick ace rocking project from Nick, Kyle, and I, as well as a new project from Kaylan and a bunch of secret people that I can't talk about right now. The anticipation must be building up in yer little bosoms as you read this and I can't wait for you to hear what we have all been doing. Remember, don't cry for us Argentina, for this is not a funeral, this is a rebirth of something beautiful. More information to come soon."
The band reportedly had already demoed their new album before calling it quits; there are currently no plans to release those songs.