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Brand New drummer Brian Lane: “There’s Brand New stuff happening”

July 11 2013, 12:32 PM EDT By TJ Horansky

In a recent interview with DIY magazine, Brand New drummer Brian Lane has confirmed, amidst much speculation, that "there's Brand New stuff happening."

In regards to the band's cancelled European dates, Lane provided some reassurance, stating, "I can say that we will be back and I apologize.”

No more further information has been given regarding the circumstances that surrounded the cancelled European tour dates. Lane focused most of his attention on the possibility of touring with his side project, Shone, and the upcoming UK release of their debut album Heat Thing.

A full statement regarding the current state of Shone, and the future of Brand New, can be read below.

"Ultimately, I would like to tour it but I think, just being more realistic about it, it's a matter of when we can all do it”, he offers. “You know, it's just me and Drew, but I have so many things going on that we just try to balance it whenever I can. It's more of just a fun thing for me than anything else.

I feel as though it's a project that I've worked long and hard enough on that I don't want to just put it out and lay it to rest. I would like to give it the support that it deserves. Overall, I think it's been a pattern for the past twelve or fifteen years with music anyway that, by the time I'm done with a record, all of the songs are two years old already. As soon as the record is finally released, it's a weight that's lifted off your shoulders and you just wanna move and make another record.

So, I mean, definitely even this week, I feel like I wanna try and write some more, but there's Brand New stuff happening and there's also the APK production stuff, so it's just about trying to balance it as best as possible."

At this time, Brand New is still scheduled to play their fall US tour dates, including Riot Fest Chicago and Riot Fest Denver. Now we hold our breath until September.