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Craig Owens responds to leaked “sex tape”

January 18 2011, 12:42 AM EST By Tim Karan

Late last week, a reported sex tape featuring Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows frontman Craig Owens and an adult actress surfaced online. Turns out the entire thing was planned by Owens who says he was making a statement about human nature to become obsessed with others' personal lives. The video, which is now online, is for the song "Sex Life," which the band will be posting Tuesday. 

Owens wrote a blog about the subject saying, "We all have more than enough to worry about in our own lives, no matter who we are. Let’s not get caught up in the unimportant garbage. Through the mindless chatter we’ve all read the past few days I think that it would serve us all well to ask ourselves these questions: What is it that you really care about here? Is it the music itself? Or is it all of the distractions that surround it?"

Check out the NSFW video and read Owens' statement. Then let us know what you think!