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Dance Gavin Dance respond to Jonny Craig’s MacBook scandal

February 23 2011, 12:51 PM EST By Tyler Common

Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Jon Mess has responded to allegations against his bandmate Jonny Craig. As man know, Jonny has been accused of "selling" macbooks to fans for cheap prices but not going through with his end of the sale.You can read an excerpt of the interview below and check out the full thing at this link

When did you first become aware of the alleged scamming? Has anything like this happened in the past to your knowledge?
Mess: The only thing I have really reflected on is how exciting it is to know someone who now has 20+ memes. I’ve always loved a well done meme, and the combination of actually knowing the person is just satirical gold. Honestly, a comedic gem I will forever cherish.

Based on some of the article comments that we have received, are you worried about the potential negative backlash at shows?
Mess: If you attempt to beat up Jonny Craig at a show on our tour, I will be in a secure and hidden location filming with an HD camcorder and a boom mic. I have also always dreamed of having a highly successful YouTube video.