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Danzig’s Misfits lawsuit thrown out of court

August 14 2014, 10:21 AM EDT By Matt Crane

According to Classic Rock, Glenn Danzig’s lawsuit has been thrown out of court after a judge ruled he couldn’t prove any of his allegations.

The singer was claiming that Misfit Jerry Only had cut him out of merchandise profits and took legal action in May. Danzig claimed he had invented the band’s “Fiend Skull” and that he was the creative heart of the original band.

Read more from Classic Rock:

“Now Judge Gary Klausner has terminated proceedings in the Central District of California Court, saying that, regardless of Danzig’s creative input, the agreement allows Only to make money from Misfits merch—and therefore there is no breach for Danzig to sue over.”

The judge said, “The terms of the provision do not address any obligation regarding trademark registration or negotiations with individual retail merchandisers. Moreover, in reviewing the other provisions contained in the 1994 Agreement, the Court also finds no other terms that govern the parties' conduct as it pertains to trademarking and licensing."

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