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Dave Hause to release 7-inch on Bridge Nine Records

March 19 2012, 3:24 PM EDT By Brian Kraus

Dave Hause, frontman for the Philadelphia-based punk band the Loved Ones, will release a 7-inch via Bridge Nine Records on June 19. The release is part of Hause's ongoing 7-inch series this year, with labels like Side One Dummy and Jade Tree also teaming up with Hause.

"Bridge Nine has consistently put out great hardcore records, I've been aware of them since the late 90's and they continue to do a great job.  I remember wanting my old band the Curse to get a release out on B9, but we broke up (like most good hardcore bands do) before we could get much recorded. They've been great to work with on this 7-inch series and I really enjoyed taking songs that have a much harder musical perspective and reworking them for a solo performance.  Glad to be a part of their family after all these years," said Hause.