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Elderly people react to System Of A Down—watch

October 26 2016, 4:23 PM EDT By Nikhail Gogia

You must admit, the idea behind Elders React is pretty genius. Panels of seniors are exposed to a topic that’s both popular and unique, and often times somewhat aggressive for their age. And we love it when the exposure of choice is heavy music.
In this brilliant new episode of  “Elders React To Music,” the panel is prepared to watch two videos from nu-metal phenoms, System Of A Down.  Beginning with their iconic video for “Chop Suey,” the poor woman who leads off the video hesitantly states, “I hope it’s Bruno Mars.” What a perfect setup, and rude awakening for poor Josie.

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In this particular episode, 11 members critiqued the Armenian band, first watching “Chop Suey,” as well as the music video for their first ever single, “Sugar.” Most of their reactions were quite humorous, as you’d expect.
A few began to note the guys in SOAD looked intimidating. Then they moved on, acknowledging their loudness and screamed vocals, with one man calling it “too raw,” and another woman hoping “their voice boxes are okay.” But the more they watched and learned about System Of A Down, the more interesting things they had to say.
While some stated that this sort of music was the polar opposite of their “winter concerts” and “the days of the Waltz,” the feelings of “anti-establishment” in their political lyrics regarding things like war and the Armenian Genocide resonated with some of the panel, although a number agreed that they should tone it down (they absolutely shouldn’t).
About the genocide, one woman said, “Any way to get a discussion going or bring attention to a negative issue is a good thing,” and others agreed with the recognition of the controversial political issue through music, including two panelists who were descendants of holocaust survivors. By the end, many agreed they did not like the music, but a number of others said they had a changed perspective on System Of A Down after learning about the message within their music.

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Surprisingly, Josie, who wanted the video feature Bruno Mars, said, “Now that I know, I really appreciate them.” Good on you Josie! And once again, Catherine and David seemed to be the coolest of the lot, being down with the music from the beginning.
The Elders React series has been a YouTube staple for some time now, and is produced by Fine Brothers Entertainment. They also feature Teens React, Parents React, and many other YouTube programs.
Meanwhile, System Of A Down have announced they’ll be touring Europe next summer, their first tour since 2015 when they played in Armenia for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Check out the tour dates and full video of “Elders React To System Of A Down” below!

System Of A Down 2017 tour dates:

Jun 01: Zurich Hallenstadion, Switzerland
Jun 02: Nurnberg Rock Im Park, Germany
Jun 04: Mendig Rock Am Ring, Germany
Jun 07: Nancy Open Air Zenith, France
Jun 10: Paris Download Festival, France
Jun 12: Prague O2 Arena, Czech Republic
Jun 13: Berlin Wuhlheide, Germany
Jun 14: Hamburg Barclaycard Arena, Germany
Jun 16: Nickelsdorf Nova Rock, Austria
Jun 17: Lodz Impact Festival, Poland
Jun 20: Nimes Festival, France
Jun 23: Madrid Download Festival, Spain
Jun 30: Arras Main Square Festival, France
Jul 02: Arras Main Square Festival, France