June 09 2010, 4:00 PM EDT By Tim Karan

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.
Owens has released a statement exclusively to Altpress detailing the creation and original plan for "Thermacare" along with thoughts on his split with Chiodos. Owens also responds to accusations that he intentionally leaked the song for publicity purposes.

Owens said:

"For the past 10 months, I have kept quiet. I have put 100 percent of my focus solely on writing my brand new record and developing my brand new band. I have continued to dodge ridiculous and false claims thrown at me, and negative things said out of spite. I have been told that I do not create my own music--that I have no part of anything I worked so hard for over the past 9 to 10 years of my life. I realize that I am imperfect, as we all are, and I have been trying everyday to make my life a better and happier place. But as you all know, I will always be open, up-front and honest about everything that I have to say with you.

Regarding todays leak of 'Thermacare': The truth is, last summer during Warped Tour [with Chiodos], I spent a day working with John Feldmann, and together we recorded three songs--two solo('Boys! Raise Your Glasses' and 'Fuck You Head') and one Chiodos track ('Thermacare'). I sent them out to a few friends and had them posted in the most secret way possible to gauge fan reaction, and to see what everyone thought of it since, at this point, we hadn't released anything in around two years. The songs were taken down two days later. I received my feedback and thought that the whole thing was over.

Post-breakup we were contacted by someone representing Chiodos who asked my new management if they could use the song to promote the new Chiodos record coming up. We thought about it and decided that we were so stoked on the track that we would like to use it instead of releasing it that way. Next, Chiodos manager John Daley called my manager, Jonathan Daniel, asking if they could use the track on [Chiodos'] new record. My manager responded via e-mail saying that I agree to allow Chiodos to use the music that they had written for 'Thermacare,' provided I am able to use the vocals/melodies that I wrote. Their manager John replied and agreed to the terms. So we had agreed to split the song down the middle with me taking the lyrics/melodies and re-writing the music, and [Chiodos] got to keep the music that they had written.

So, I figured the song was all good to go, and we could move on from this whole ordeal like I have been trying to do for almost a year now--break myself free from the cycles and move forward into a much more positive future with my new band/record.

Then today happens. The song leaks in a much bigger way and it appears that I am accused of leaking it either for publicity purposes or possibly out of spite as, stated before, Chiodos were planning to use this track on their new record. Why in the world would I do that? I have been fighting and working so hard to move past all of the terrible things that I have experienced over the last 10 months, and I'm still trying to stay positive by focusing on this new record with my new band. I just think that it's funny that this leaks right before [Chiodos] release a new record and then they blame me for doing it selfishly.

I have no band name released. I have nothing to 'sell.' I saw [that the song leaked] this morning and personally got super-bummed on the entire thing. Why? Not because people heard it, but because I plan on putting this on my new record. Mostly, here is why: Personally, as a fan of music after spending so much time w/demos, I get very frustrated when a band changes up ANYthing about a song, let alone most of the music for it. So I have absolutely nothing to gain from this. It only hurts my record--what I have been working SO hard on for the past 10 months while I've just been trying to pick myself up after one of the most painful experiences of my entire life.

I really hope that you enjoy the track. I know I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, in a breakup like this, these back and forths happen. Fights that noone wants to be a part of (minus some online trolls). But to be honest, the entire thing sucks. It hurts me, and I can only assume that it has hurt the other guys in Chiodos. Either way, I'd like to move forward with no name calling or lies/lashing out by either parties. Let's move on, not forgetting the past, but enjoying the future. To this day, I wish the guys the best of luck. I know they have probably made an amazing record, and despite our falling out, I continue to miss some of the best friends that I have ever had."

Chiodos demo recorded with former frontman Craig Owens has started making rounds online. The song, "Thermacare," was recorded with John Feldmann last August before Owens parted ways with the band the following month. The song--which originally leaked along with two other demos in September-- has been posted several places, and you can hear it here.

In a Facebook post, Owens said, "Bummed that a writing demo of 'Thermacare' leaked online.'" Owens recorded the demo along with two solo songs and planned to record it with his new band. The vocalist exclusively revealed to Altpress that he still plans to include the song on the upcoming album from his new project--possibly under a different name because "Thermacare" was originally a temporary title. Owens told us that the song is actually rooted in the troubles stirring with Chiodos at the time. He said, "It's funny. [The song] kind of tells the future of me leaving [Chiodos] lyrically. I could just feel it coming to an end. I'm still blindsided by what happened. Something just wasn't right."