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Middle Class Rut to release debut full-length in October

August 09 2010, 6:38 PM EDT By

Sacramento, California, duo Middle Class Rut have revealed that they'll release their debut full-length, No Name No Color, on Oct. 5 via Bright Antenna Records/ILG. The album's first single, "New Low," will hit radio later this month and a video is currently in the works.

No Name No Color will feature 12 songs spanning several years including a few tracks that have appeared on the band's previous three EPs. The album is a collection of recordings the band laid down in their rehearsal space. "Recording our own music h as been a part of our process since we were 13," says vocalist/drummer Sean Stockham. "It integrated itself into our process from an early age.  We like being able to listen to whatever we’re writing right away.  It’s like when you look in the mirror, you’re seeing your face, but it’s different than when you see a picture of yourself.  It’s the same with music.  You need to hear it come out of a stereo to understand it.  That’s just what we do.  We write music and we record it so we can listen to it.  Now hopefully other people will get to listen to it as well."