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Exclusive News: Vocalist Taylor Eby rejoins Handguns

November 02 2011, 12:00 PM EDT By Bryne Yancey

Altpress.com has learned that vocalist Taylor Eby has rejoined Handguns after initially departing the group earlier this year. Check out an exclusive statement from Eby below.

"As many of you know, I parted ways with Handguns back in July due to personal reasons. It felt like the touring life was really starting to take a toll on me and I got scared and did what I thought would be the best decision: I came home, settled down and got a job. Someone I work with asked me if I saw myself doing this job for the rest of my life. It was right there and that moment that I knew where it is I exactly need to be and exactly where I belong: in a van and on stage with my best friends. I'm refusing to give up on this dream I've had since I was thirteen. This is who I am and all I know."

The band's split with Forever Came Calling is due out November 8 via Pure Noise; ordering info is here.