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Former That’s Outrageous! band members break their silence

September 17 2011, 11:54 AM EDT By Tyler Common

After Max, drummer of That's Outrageous!,  was questioned and responded to the reasoning of Tom (ex-vocalist) and Dave (ex-guitarist) being kicked out of the band, they decided to respond with their sides of the story.

You can read all of the responses below and decide for yourself. Leave us a comment with your thoughts on this situation!

Max (the band's current drummer)'s blog:

Tom absolutely DID NOT write the whole record.  seriously, not even half.  tom asked me when the band was first getting noticed to let dave in the band and play guitar, we needed members so i said yes without thinking.  dave literally had nothing to do with the record or where the band is right now.  at all.  i let him join during our first talks with rise.  tom and dave turned out to be really horrible people.  they teamed up on a lot of us during tour and otherwise constantly teasing us and making us feel like shit.  tom was the worst.  he stole almost $1k from us saying he was buying equipment and instead bought a macbook, tricked our bassist into spending thousands on a trailer and van warranty, made us spend almost $2k on hotel rooms during the recording process, made us drop off the rise records tour, faked being sick and flew first class home while we were in illinois continuing the rest of the tour for the rest of the month.  everyone that we associate with professionally wanted him out, including rise.  if we didn’t let him go when we did, he would have sabotaged  our careers.  we couldn’t have that.

overall it was very tough letting both of them go, but in no way, shape, or form are they the sole reasons why we are where we are now.  dave was let in with a free pass.  tom and i started the band and wrote headshot and girlfriend together back when this was a side project for both of us.

Tom Degrazia, the band's former vocalist, responded:

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Due to some recent accusations, I decided to write this statement setting the record straight.

Breakdown of accusations:

1. “Stole” 1k for a laptop after saying I was going to buy equipment: First off I took $900 to buy a midi controller, a legit dual-tier stand, roadcase and put the rest towards a laptop to run Reason live. Max left out that he received around $600 for his pink in-ear molds and various other shit that he just HAD to have. He already had perfectly good Shure ones.

2. Made the band spend 2k on hotel rooms:That was a band decision due to the majority of the band not wanting to stay in the studio because there were bugs and it didn’t have a shower. I didn’t “make” them do anything, they could have refused. We spent about $1000 on the hotel, and then we also fed Joe 2 meals a day and snacks for a month, paid for his and max’s plane ticket, AND took a shit ton of cabs to the mall all the time. 2,000 on hotels my ass.

3. Faked being sick and made us drop off the tour:The reason we dropped off the tour the first time was because Joe, Dave, Greg, and myself couldn’t take being in the hardcore scene and plotted to start a pop/rock band after we got home without Max and Doriano. Once everyone flaked because we realized the van title was in max’s name, we went back on tour, I actually DID get sick and flew first class on my own dime, not the band’s.

4. Tricked the bass player into buying a trailer and a van warranty:He did buy those things, did I “trick” him? Hell no. He brought up buying the trailer himself and the warranty was talked about and he decided to do it. I didn’t do anything to threaten him into it or something. It was his own choice.

5. Teased members of the band and made them feel like shit: I admit, when Dave and I make fun of someone, we make an impact. But in all honesty the only person that ever got made fun of was Max. And it was by everyone else in the band. I guess we were wrong but it wasn’t just Dave and I. Honestly, Doriano called Max a “Woman” or a “girl” more than he called him by his actual name.

Overall, the only talent in the remaining original members is Joe. He is a good songwriter for sure. Was I the sole reason they are where they are today? Idk, you can check out Dor and Max’s old hardcore band and see if Rise would have signed them.

“tom absolutely DID NOT write the whole record.  seriously, not even half.”

I didn’t write even half of the record? Let’s take the record track by track.

1. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

An intro based off of a piano idea that I made in my room, I made the beat, synths, etc, and sent it to Cameron Mizell to master. Joe happened to be in the room with me but was sitting on my futon texting people, not really paying attention.

2. Headshot At The Ballet Recital

Originally written in Max’s room with Doriano and I. All clean vocals, chord progressions, and the whole structure was written by me. Doriano and Max wrote Dor’s screams as I assisted. Max wrote the breakdowns for that.

3. Teenage Scream

Based off of the intro piano line that I wrote. It was structured by me, and Joe wrote the breakdown parts. As far as lyrics, Andrew Goldstein wrote the chorus, while Dor wrote his screams and I wrote the rap part.

4. Star 69

Written completely by me, Cameron made it sound cool though.

5. #Winning

Instrumental written by Joe with my assistance, I wrote all lyrics/melodies except for one line in the chorus that Joe wrote. I wrote about half of Dor’s screams for this one as well as the overall structure of the song.

6. So I’m thinking of starting a clothing line…

All lyrics/melodies written by me, any chord progressions where clean vocals were sung were written by me. Joe wrote the breakdowns and Dor wrote his screams.

7.Is It 2012 Yet?

The track was made by Andrew Goldstein, most of the lyrics/melodies also written by him.

8. The New York Chainsaw Massacre

This is the song I had the least to do with. It was written mostly by Joe and Dor with my lyrical idea (playing off of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.) I wrote the chorus melody/lyrics.

9. Re:Why I Killed My Girlfriend

Another one of our demos, written by Max, Dor and I. All piano, clean vox, progressions by me. I also wrote about half of Dor’s screams including the infamous dubstep rap. (Listen bitch, i just want you to know, etc.)Breakdowns written by Max except for the bridge breakdown that originally de-tuned to drop G was written by me.

10. What Happens In Azeroth, Stays in Azeroth.

A piano ballad written and recorded completely on my own.

I would say, track for track, that I definitely wrote at LEAST half of the album. ALSO if you were in the studio with us you would see that I completely took charge due to everyone’s cluelessness on how to write a record. Max couldn’t even track his own drums, we had to program them, and Cameron had to write his fills. Without me, these guys would still be working day jobs. I also came up with the band name, overall idea for an “outrageous” band who didn’t give a fuck, and all the cool song names besides “Teenage Scream” and “Azeroth”.

Everything I said here is the complete truth. I wish Max wouldn’t make crazy accusations just to make himself feel better about their situation. I wish them the best but they obviously don’t feel the same about me.

In the end, none of this even matters. We are fighting over things that happened within the confines of a Scene-Core band. This is not a big deal, and nor the band or these accusations will even be thought about in like 5 years. I usually try to take the high road but when things like this are said about me completely out of context, I have to defend myself.

After this, Dave Newton, the band's now former guitarist, broke his silence as well. You can read his statement below.

On That's Outrageous!: 

Since Tom and I have been slandered by an ex band member I’d like to throw some facts out there.

I was asked to play drums for that’s outrageous dozens of times on tour and even after the cd release because maxs stage performance, overall talent and ability weren’t there.

The reason t.o. Dropped off the rise records tour is because Tom Joe Greg and I were gonna quit to start a pop band.

Max did not play drums on the album…. At first Tom and I even talked about tricking him and having me track. But we went with the best option which was programming drums.

I’m a horrible person? I used to pay for joes medicine and food because he Is a terrible adult. I dealt with max bitching about his inability to get girls due to his wet towel like personality, I also let him use my kit and cymbals for our first tour.

Jealousy… A huge problem with t.o. From Doriano getting jealous because I was the main salesman on tour and the primary reason we got from show to show. Max deleting my drum notes for the album and making rude comments about opportunities I was offered as a drummer.

The constant shit talking and backstabbing in that band is insane.

If I had more time I’d continue this tiresome shit talking fest with a gimmickcore band that probably has another 3 months in the scene but I’m writing music with the talent that came out of that band and we are doing somethin we enjoy. Ask Joe and Greg how much they like being in a hardcore band or what they think of you fans wink. If you remember correctly…. I was the one talking to the fans. I loved the fans. Hated the fucking music but gave everything I had every night for them. Go watch Joe stand around and max barely move behind the kit on the monster outbreak tour smile.

I wasn’t kicked out on principal or good reason. I was kicked out based off jealousy and Joe needing a free ride from nh to ny.