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Green Day’s Mike Dirnt to produce new indie film, ‘Crickets’

July 11 2014, 12:35 PM EDT By Matt Crane

Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt will produce a new indie film titled Crickets. Dirnt, along with his manager, Pat Magnarella, are attached to the project as producers, The Hollywood Reporter states.

Aside from production, Dirnt is also expected to contribute some music to the film. Read a report from THR below:

“Dirnt, along with Green Day's longtime manager Pat Magnarella, will produce Crickets from a script by Alfredo Botello. The story, by Botello and Jack Umbrella, centers on the relationship of two estranged brothers. One, an aspiring stand-up comic, is dying of a terminal illness. He asks his brother, a depressed office drone, for one last request: to go on stage and perform his material for him to see if he ever really had talent. What he doesn't reveal, though, is that he has an even bigger surprise in store.”

"I'm just kind of tired of junk food movies," Dirnt tells THR. "Here’s something that's a feel good, feel bad and feel everything movie." The bassist is also serving as a producer on American Idiot the movie, based on the Broadway adaptation of the 2004 album.

Crickets in currently in pre-production.

Coincidentally, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong will be starring in a new indie film, Like Sunday, Like Rain.