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Jonny Craig embroiled in internet scam controversy

February 21 2011, 7:27 PM EST By Tim Karan

Jonny Craig—frontman of Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance—is facing accusations from fans claiming the singer accepted money from them in exchange for MacBooks he never sent. This past summer, Craig began tweeting that he had a laptop for sale for typically between $600 and $800 (example). According to this report, at least 16 fans contacted Craig and sent him money for a MacBook, and none of them ever received the goods. The earliest reported sales began in late summer and Craig continued to tweet about the computers for sale as recently as this month

In light of the allegations surfacing late last week, Craig took to his Twitter to proclaim his innocence and said that he had been the victim of a prolonged identity theft. However, as more alleged victims surface, the evidence is rapidly stacking against the singer. During the past several days, screenshots of text conversations between the buyers and Craig have been posted along with photo evidence of receipts and wire transfers that were accepted by the vocalist. 

After an extensive report of the story was posted, Craig's former DGD bandmate Sean O'Sullivan tweeted, "I do appreciate you guys doing a piece that shows exactly what [Craig] is." Craig's friend Mod Sun also tweeted, "Dear friends, so one of my very close friends Jonny Craig has recently made some very bad decisions. His actions are now being directed at me by certain people he hurt/ripped off. I am now forced to address this issue. I truly apologize if you have been taken advantage of by him….it’s very sad. I need you to understand that I have NOTHING to do w/ any of this. I mean absolutely nothing. He had someone pay pal me $ one time for his old laptop he was selling. It was transferred to me & I immediately gave him cash. This was about 35 days ago. Any point after that my account was NOT used. He continued trying to sell a MacBook for a month after that. I truly apologize for his actions because I feel bad for the people who try to support him & get hurt. I’m one of those people as well. I would never treat my friends like that. So, there it is. I have called him & let him know the severity of the situation & am tryin to help yall.”

Craig did not answer a phone call from Altpress when we attempted to reach him for comment, and he tweeted, "Can't tell who really got ripped off or who didn't. I will not be responding to anything untill this is cleard [sic] up. Im gonna clear my name smile"

We'll keep you posted as more details emerge. What do you think of all of this? Will you stick by Jonny's side no matter what? Or is this a long time coming?