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Lemuria recording new album with J. Robbins

December 04 2012, 9:44 PM EST By Brian Kraus

Buffalo, NY's Lemuria begin recording their third studio album tomorrow with producer J. Robbins. Once out next year, it'll follow 2011's Pebble, also released on Bridge Nine Records.

Lemuria bassist Max Gregor commented, "We're excited to be heading into J Robbin's recently acquired studio in Baltimore, MD, to record a new full length for Bridge Nine. We've balanced out or busy lives over the past year with a number of songs that collectively create an atmosphere of distance and contemplation, while still reaching towards some of the band's catchier, energetic tendencies. We have some plans for a few guest appearances on this record, and also some new sounds and ideas to progress from Pebble. That said, we're going to be writing up to when we enter the studio, and of course a bit in the studio as well, so nothing is out of the question. Also, Alex will be tracking all of his drum parts while his kit is on fire."