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Lush introduces spooky new Halloween line rife with tricks and treats

September 21 2017, 2:23 PM EDT By Brittany Vincent

[Photo by: Lush]

'Tis the season to get totally spooky. It's nearly October, so that means it's time to bust out your favorite Halloween products and decor. That's exactly what Lush is doing with its latest line of Halloween cosmetics, ranging from bubble bars to bath bombs. 

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[Photo by: Lush]

Prepare to bubble, bubble, toil and trouble with new bubble bars and bath bombs in Bewitched, Pumpkin, and Monsters' Ball, which release scents of berry and citrus, sweet pumpkin pie and vanilla, and bright, shocking pink bubbles. They're just perfect for slinking down in the bath tub and watching Hocus Pocus for the hundredth time. They run $7.75 to $7.95, which is a deal for this kind of relaxation, right? There are also sparkly bubble bars with plenty of glitter to keep you feeling fabulous while thinking about your creepy Halloween plans.

[Photo by: Lush]

It's not all about bubbles, though. There are several different soaps you can lather up with, like the Hedgewitch, which smells of blackberries and cocoa butter but looks like a swamp, perfect for a Halloween aesthetic. It's $7.95 too. 

[Photo by: Lush]

Your body isn't the only thing that Lush wants to pamper. There are delicious lip treats too, like the Black Rose lip tint to make some appropriately witchy Halloween lewks, in a deep berry, natch. It's $10.95.

The entire line is serving some serious Halloween fierceness, and you can go to your local Lush store now to pick up some adorable Halloween goodies, or order them online here. It's time to break out the spooky scary skeletons, after all.