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Manson on Bieber beef: “You were just being you”

September 20 2017, 3:17 PM EDT By Brittany Vincent

[Photos by: Justin Bieber/Twitter, Marilyn Manson/Instagram]

Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber were all over the news recently, after Manson called Bieber a "piece of shit" during a supposed feud all over some silly tour T-shirts with Manson's face on them. It rocked the music world, if only for a week or so, as the earth seemed to quake between two immensely popular personalities.  

As it turns out, however, there was never any kind of feud at all, according to Manson when speaking to Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show this past Tuesday morning. It appears the unlikely duo have squashed whatever beef was ever between them and have moved on, thanks to a series of text messages, where the purported fight was referred to as a "fake feud." 

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It all began when Bieber took one of the Antichrist Superstar's famous T-shirts and repurposed one with his own tour branding, then started selling said shirts at Barneys for a whopping $195. The shirts added the text "Bigger Than Satan... Bieber," which Bieber's folks say they had permission to use from Manson's clan  word got around to Manson, who supposedly wasn't very pleased. Not because Biebs was rocking a T-shirt with Manson's face and some cocky language, but because the Canadian pop star made the comment "I made you relevant again" to Manson. 

Obviously that didn't fly, and why would it? Manson stated that little quip was a "bad mistake," and that Bieber was a "real piece of shit in the way he had the arrogance to say that." With bad blood already spilled between the pair, it was revealed that all the proceeds from the shirts had been given to Manson, who rightfully deserved them, but it seemed things were going to remain fairly dark between the duo up until now. 

Bieber initiated a conversation between the two, stating that he thought the pair had a "pretty pleasant interaction" in a "bro"-peppered inquiry sent to the shock rocker that Manson allowed Stern to read aloud on-air. 

"If anything wasn't squared away with the T-shirts I'm so sorry," continued Bieber's earnest peace offering. "Anyway, regardless, it kind of stung seeing that if I came off as an asshole or was just an asshole, I'm sorry."

"It's up for him to decide," laughed Manson when Stern read the initial text aloud, inquiring as to whether Manson thought the Biebs was an asshole or not, once and for all. Manson's text responses continued with "That [the interview] was exaggerated. You were just you being you. No beef here."

"Honestly, I totally thought we hit it off," read Bieber's reply text. "Again, my bad, if I was an asshole that wasn’t my intention. Just want you to know that."

"We are cool," Manson replied. "People just made that shirt stuff into a fake feud. Let’s turn it upside-down and fuck the press and do something together. It will be the best. And don’t apologize, you weren’t an asshole. They asked if you were and I sort of agreed. I wasn’t out to get you.

It's good to see that, despite some obvious prodding from Manson in his signature sardonic style, that the artists from two completely different backgrounds can come together and see eye-to-eye, even if it just means Manson won't "shit talk" Bieber on Stern as he later promised in the text conversation. That's a start, right?

"He sassed me, and he apologized," Manson reiterated near the end of the clip, which you can listen to below. "I said I wouldn't shit talk him. So I'm not gonna shit talk him."

You can check out Manson's latest single "KILL4ME" below.