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Members of Brokencyde allegedly assault Punchline drummer

April 26 2011, 2:03 AM EDT By Tim Karan

According to a series of tweets and Facebook posts by members of both bands, members of Brokencyde attacked Punchline drummer Cory Muro following Brokencyde's show Monday night at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh. Punchline frontman Steve Soboslai posted that members of Brokencyde had "jumped" Muro and photos of the injured drummer also made their way online. Punchline are based in Pittsburgh. 

Brokencyde have been tweeting their account of the incident and imply that Muro started the fight by antagonizing the band over their music. When confronted by a friend of Punchline on Twitter, Brokencyde responded with a series of tweets that reads: "We didn't jump anyone! Ur boy started popping off and got what happens! REALLY OVER MUSIC? grow up. A guy was talking shit for awhile and then he said it to the wrong guy and got socked up n the other guy that got into it got served as well! And all OVER MUSIC?! people need to grow up. People talk crap to us and don't realize it won't fly... Have common sense and don't hate on 10 people standing pissed off in front of you. We don't hate on anyone or any band doing their thing... Fighting over music is defeating the point of what were trying to accomplish. Literally 2 people were fighting and the rest of our crew was holding them back. The guy was talking a mass of shit before anything happened."

Brokencyde vocalist David "Se7en" Gallegos also tweeted, "Crazy street brawl! Just fucked this guys face up. My bad!!!! BC boys destroyed those fools... BAD! How they try'na say we jumped them when they out numbered us by like 5 dudes??? All big ass hokey player type mother fuckers too. They just mad cause they got wrecked by some ghetto kids from burque!!!"

Punchline also posted a tweet about the situation: "How many shitty musicians does it take to beat up a good one? Apparently 15. Or is it diff because you're not real musicians?"

We'll keep you posted as more details emerge.

UPDATE: Punchline have organized, in which you can download the band's newest album for free (by entering $0), or donate to them for the medical coverage they will face in this rough time. Any donation ($0, or more) receives a complimentary download of Punchline's album, Delightfully Pleased.