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Michael Todd (ex-Coheed And Cambria) admits to scamming fans

June 06 2013, 1:03 PM EDT By Philip Obenschain

Michael Todd, the former bassist of Coheed And Cambria, has admitted to scamming fans by accepting payment for Coheed memorabilia which he does not possess.

In 2011, while still a member of the band, Todd was arrested for the armed robbery of a pharmacy and subsequently booted from the group. Last summer, the bassist pled guilty and was sentenced to one year of home confinement, in addition to three years' probation and drug treatment.

Michael Todd was arrested for armed robbery in 2011.

Zach Cooper was enlisted as Todd's replacement in Coheed, while Todd has since gone on to form a new project, Flux Fortuna.

According the Metal Insider, the recent controversy began when Todd announced through his (since deleted) personal Facebook that he would be selling rare and hard to find Coheed And Cambria merchandise. After multiple fan complaints about purchases not being received, and silence on Todd's end, fans took to Facebook, Reddit, and other online outlets to demand retribution.

Todd subsequently released this statement on Flux Fortuna's Facebook page (emphasis ours):

Okay, it's Michael. It's apparent that this has gotten way out of hand. This has taken this long to come out because I have been incommunicado for a number of reasons out here, until when yesterday at work the threads were brought to my attention.

Here's my statement: I overextended myself, I made plans with people about obtaining items and made deals on items that I didn't possess yet. I didn't do this out of malice, but in a desperation brought on by my present situation. When things started to fall through one after the other I couldn't keep up. And I am very sorry. I don't know if this makes things worse or better, but some things have been shipped and a few more are to follow shortly, but the bottom line is, I don't and won't have them all, and I am here (albeit a little late) and I realize I made myself look pretty bad, but my intention and promise is that I will make full financial amends over the course of the next couple months if you'll let me. I know this seems like a long timeframe, but I need to actually earn the money to pay you back. I just started working full time and the type of work I am doing does not pay a hell of a lot.

Any other people that may have been associated with me through music or business or whatever, were completely unaware to the situation till now, and have been and are unable to answer for me. I promise that the money that you may have contributed to the Kickstarter has been set aside and will only be used to fulfill incentives and the creation of the EP. However, since I will be working extra hours to make all this up to you, I may have to push the recording of the EP, originally scheduled for end of June back by some time. But I repeat, the Kickstarter money will not be tapped for these repayments. I admit, at first I thought about it, to just clean everything up quick, but that would be immensely unfair and more dishonesty on my part. So, all I can do at this point is come forward publicly and admit I screwed up. I own this, I'm here, and I will be hereafter available to answer you individually.

Moving forward, I will start addressing all your emails. Please give me some time to do so and I will let you know one by one if I have your item, shipped it or will need to re-compensate you because I do not have the item. The order in which I will address people will be by date of inquiry. Thus, please don't be upset if I do not get to you initially.

I'm sorry again. I appreciate an opportunity to make good.

The Kickstarter campaign Todd references is one Flux Fortuna recently ran to fund their new EP. Immediately after the merchandise scam came to light, fans who had contributed to the band's Kickstarter began expressing concern on Facebook. The band responded by clarifying once more that Kickstarter funding would not be used for any other purpose. Check out the statement, below.

Kickstarter update and a note from FF to everyone concerned about their pledges:

Flux Fortuna as the band will continue to fulfill obligations towards backers regarding all pledges. The money contributed to the campaign is part of a fund that can only be accessed to pay for anything that the Kickstarter project was set out to do. The funds will not and cannot be used for anything else including personal financial obligations by individual band members.

Last year, Michael Todd was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Todd's treat has apparently seen limited success and has added to the financial woes of the performer. A GiveForward campaign was launched last year by Todd's friends and supporters to help cover some of cost of medical expenses.