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New Chiodos singer revealed

March 23 2010, 5:00 PM EDT By Tim Karan

Although they had planned to reveal their new vocalist at the Bamboozle California in March and no official statement has been released by Equal Vision or the band, news of the new Chiodos frontman has leaked online: it's Yesterdays Rising singer Brandon Bolmer.

For those who caught the tail-end of this past summer's Warped Tour, this won't be the first time you've seen Bolmer step into another frontman's shoes--he filled in for Tyson Stevens when the singer parted ways mid-tour with Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Yesterdays Rising are a post-hardcore outfit from California, and Bolmer is still currently listed as a member, so it's unclear if he will remain with the band as he begins playing with Chiodos.

Bolmer will replace Chiodos' former vocalist, Craig Owens, who parted ways with the band in September.

Check out a video of Yesterdays Rising below and let us know if you think Bolmer will be a good fit!

Photo: Steven Jay