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Nine Inch Nails guitarist Adrian Belew quits band

June 07 2013, 12:35 PM EDT By Philip Obenschain

Nine Inch Nails have lost a second band member in under than a month. Just weeks after the departure of bassist Eric Avery, guitarist Adrian Belew has also announced that he will be leaving the band.

Belew posted this statement on Facebook:

concerning me being part of the 2013 Nine Inch Nails band:

it didn't work.

Adrian Belew's departure comes just one day after the release of the band's new single, "Came Back Haunted," along with dates for a full North American tour.

Best known for fronting King Crimson, Belew has contributed to Nine Inch Nails intermittently over the years, including on the band's classic The Downward Spiral. The guitarist was credited by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor as instrumental in his decision to resurrect the group, when the singer made the announcement back in February. At the time, Nine Inch Nails was set to consist of Eric Avery, Adrian Belew, Alessandro Cortini, Josh Eustis, Ilan Rubin, and Reznor. 

Robin Finck was tapped to replace Eric Avery after his departure. No official statement from the band or replacement for Belew has yet been announced.