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Saosin recording new material

January 30 2012, 10:36 AM EST By Bryne Yancey

Saosin is at work on new material, according to this post on their official Facebook page. No word on who's doing the vocals in place of Cove Reber, who was kicked out of the band in July 2010, but will keep you updated on any emerging details. Check out the statement below:

We are working on a NEW release. I wont say its for everyone , but its something we have been wanting to do for a LONG time. We will release more details in the form of MUSIC, since thats really what we do. But in the meantime, an interesting read from TRENT RENZNOR [sic]. We have gone from self-released , to Major label bread winners, to tax write offs and back to independenence and this may shed a little light on what being an ARTIST in the music industry today feels like.

Saosin last released In Search Of Solid Ground in 2009.