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Saves The Day release “In The In Between” music video

April 08 2014, 9:39 PM EDT By Brian Kraus

Saves The Day have released a music video for "In The In Between" from their self-titled eighth studio album, out now via Equal Vision Records.

The band had a little to say about it:

"We wanted to make a video but do it on our terms. Sean Stout got it. So at the end of our 2013 fall tour we hung in LA for a day, rented a room, borrowed a PA, bought some beer, and invited some people over. We played a set, played "In The In Between" a few times, and filmed it. This video is a document of the night. No hi-def perfect miming vocals and instruments. We'd have used the live sound if the room didn't make everything sound like Glenn Branca. 

What Sean captured was the energy we share when we have you all singing along with us. It was a fucking blast. At the end of the night, people were making friends and exchanging numbers. It was beyond dope to be a catalyst for that."

Later this week, STD are off to the UK to open for Brand New, followed by some European dates. They'll be on the Warped Tour this summer.