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Search The City launch fundraiser for new album

December 18 2012, 2:55 PM EST By Tyler Common

Search The City have launched a fundraiser to help release their new album. Read an official statement from vocalist Travis Bobier below. You can donate here.

"In March of this past year, I joined Search The City. I remember vividly the first day I auditioned. It was a cold, windy day in Pontiac, MI, our HQ at the time; and everyone was as thrilled as I was to plug in and see what musical chemistry unfolded. What transpired that day set in motion this piece of work that we are now in the midst of bringing to light -- to you -- our friends and fans.

That day I heard the beginnings of a new era for this band, a body of work that they had set in motion months back in 2011, songs that they were itching to complete. Over the course of the months leading up to tracking, Search The City changed. Loved ones were lost, relationships strained and broke off, and our base of operation moved a few times, but it was through those first months of being a complete unit once again that we became a closer, better, musically and emotionally tight-nit group of individuals who were no longer just friends, but brothers and comrades fighting to pave the way for new sonic landscapes. These songs show that change, lyrically and instrumentally, yet still retain that fire and drive that Search The City was founded on.

We deliberately didn't want to make a direct sequel to A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It, and frankly, I'm not sure we could have done so even if we had wanted to. The founding fathers of this group (Alex Sheldon and James Czech) are in a totally different place in their lives musically and personally, and when added to the mix new blood such as myself, Chris and Joe, you get a concoction that is new and fresh, but with tinges of the past still lingering. Fear not, you will still hear roaring guitar riffs and gigantic anthems, but there's a bit more underneath the surface this time around.

The turning point came in the writing of this record in the last few weeks of writing, when we REALLY hit our stride. We were coming up with ideas that were so dynamically different from what we had written for this record that we decided to scrap several of those previously written songs in favor of this new material. We were really influenced by dance music, ambience, and youthfulness when crafting these songs, and especially on these new songs such as "Your Syndicated Life", you'll be able to tune in to that energy, and hopefully get lost in it as we did.

We are so incredibly proud of this record and cannot wait to unveil it to all of you. It's been a long time coming, and we sincerely thank you for all of your patience and sticking with us through the entire process (and all the years this band has existed!) of making this record.

Here's the deal: we decided to fund this record ourselves, in true DIY fashion. We wanted complete creative control over this record and be able to, with the help of our wonderful producer Nick Sampson, bring out this record in the manner we desire. So, due to this, we are asking for your help in exchange for some really awesome swag and more to help get this thing completed and in YOUR HANDS. 

We have crafted an extensive fundraiser to help raise the necessary funds for this record's completion and production, with packages that range from special mugs to limited t-shirts, (with the names of you and all the other contributors forever immortalized on the back) and a chance to have your voice on this record! A lot of these items will only be available during the duration of this fundraiser, so make sure to check them out! Again, from the bottom of our collective hearts, thank you for continuing (or beginning!) to support Search The City. We can't wait to show you what's in store

Travis Bobier
Search The City"