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Sound And Fury Festival 2013 cancelled

April 29 2013, 5:16 PM EDT By Brian Kraus

The eighth annual Sound And Fury Festival, a three-day California weekend showcasing everything hardcore, has officially been cancelled. Festival organizers made the following statement today:

"It’s over.

We are sorry to bring you this unfortunate news but the 2013 edition of the Sound and Fury festival is cancelled.

We apologize to everyone from the bottom of our hearts for having to do this, but it was unavoidable.

In order to quell speculation, you will hear the absolute truth from us.  Due to unforeseen circumstances and the massive financial risk it takes to run a festival, we have to cancel this year.

We are just two people, running a festival that brings in over 60 bands and 1,800 kids to Santa Barbara every year. The amount of logistics and headaches this encompasses one can only imagine, needless to say from March to July our lives don’t feel our own.

This year, we put together what we thought was an amazing lineup with amazing sponsors that all spread the word of the festival far and wide. We as organizers have to weigh the pro’s and con’s of doing a festival and not losing tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Plain and simple, we couldn’t take that risk this year.

To all of the bands, sponsors, friends, co-workers and attendees, we are very sorry.

Tickets will be fully refunded at the point of purchase (No Sleep Records) and should be completed by weeks end. If you bought a ticket, you will get your refund but be patient as we are sorting out the best way to get that to you."