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Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen will soon be open for reservations

April 27 2017, 5:00 PM EDT By Jordan Toney

It's hard to think of a more magical place than the Taco Bell Test Kitchen. All of your favorite Taco Bell items, such as the Cool Ranch Doritos Taco or Cinnamon Twists, found their start in this magical kitchen located in Irvine, CA and now Taco Bell is offering you the chance to eat there.

Find out how to reserve your spot below!

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Some of our favorite people, including Conan O'Brien and Beartooth, have already eaten at the Taco Bell Test Kitchen. You can check out videos of their experiences below!

What's better than getting to eat at one of the most magical kitchens on Earth? It's completely free. Refinery29 reported, "If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these exclusive reservations, you'll get dinner in the kitchen completely free of charge."

"The dishes will be twists on your favorite Taco Bell menu items, and you'll also get to try out some products that aren't yet on the market. Every part of the experience is inspired and plated by Taco Bell’s top creators and chefs."

Reservations will start on May 5 (Happy Cinco De Mayo) on Opentable, but you have to be quick because only 32 reservations will be up for grabs with the first dinner being on May 19. If your reservation speed skills aren't up to par, Refinery29 also reported "Taco Bell says that after the first event on May 19, more will be added throughout the year."

Even Willy Wonka's golden ticket had it's fine print, so you need to know that you have to be over 21 for this amazing opportunity and you also have to pay your own way to get there. So while you wait for Cinco De Mayo, make sure you get work off and figure out which of your friends you're going to road trip to the Test Kitchen with.

Do you plan on heading to the Taco Bell Test Kitchen? Take me with you and let us know in the comments!