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There are now public DJ booths in European parks

July 11 2014, 11:41 AM EDT By Matt Crane

Dutch company Yalp has put these solar-powered, public, outdoor DJ booths (“Fonos”) in parks throughout the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Australia—because every public park needs the tranquil sounds of EDM.

As the demonstration video shows below, the table utilizes 14 touchpad surfaces that can control elements like pitch, delay and scratch. The music can be added from your iPhone, because everyone at the park needs to hear your remix of the new Skrillex jam.

Deep House Amsterdam reports: “One downside of Fono is that it doesn’t have actual pitch slides to beatmatch two different tunes manually, nor are there any EQ knobs present. What users can do, however, is automatically sync tracks and cue/pre-listen to your mix-in track over your headphones. The effects that can be used are: loop, delay, crush, scratch, filter and more.”

All joking aside, this is a pretty neat and unique idea. Check out the videos below, and let us know what you think of this contraption. Has EDM officially taken over? Do we need these in the U.S.?