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Transit stream “So Long, So Long” from ‘Futures & Sutures’

November 30 2013, 11:45 AM EST By Brian Kraus

Transit are streaming "So Long, So Long" from Futures And Sutures, their new EP of revisited catalog songs (along with a new one) arriving this Tuesday, December 2 on Rise Records.

We interviewed guitarist Tim Landers about the acoustic affair, who says of this song in particular: "We wanted to do “So Long, So Long” as well because it was one of our favorites off the record (Young New England). We wanted to go for it again and see what we could do with it."

It's perfect timing for their Warped Tour Acoustic Basement Tour headlining slot, which begins at the end of January 2014 along with Hit The Lights, Brian Marquis and Front Porch Step.