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What Makes Nancy So Great, by Sidney

March 15 2012, 5:59 PM EDT By Bryne Yancey

Lists of Note has posted up this interesting photo of a hand-written list from late Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, outlining the things he likes most about his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. The original piece of paper is owned by Hard Rock.

You can read it below--Vicious allegedly stabbed and killed Spungen on Oct. 12, 1978; he died of a heroin overdose on Feb. 2, 1979.

What Makes Nancy So Great By Sidney

1 Beautiful
2 Sexy
3 Beautiful figure
4 Great sense of humour
5 Makes extremely interesting conversation
6 Witty
7 Has beautiful eyes
8 Has fab taste in clothes
9 Has the most beautiful wet pussy in the world
10 Even has sexy feet
11 Is extremely smart
12 A great Hustler