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Wilson launch “Beards For Boobs” campaign, plan to donate to Keep A Breast

November 02 2012, 3:52 PM EDT By Tyler Common

Detroit's Wilson have brought up an awesome idea to help encompass the excitement that is "No Shave November" and give back to Keep A Breast at the same time, which they've dubbed "Beards For Boobs."

For every person that posts a photo on their Facebook wall sporting any sort of facial hair, they will donate .50¢ to Keep A Breast. Read a full statement from the band below.

Yes it’s true, WILSON is a band that is very proud of our facial hair! In general we are supporters and advocators of facial hair growth in general ...some of you might also assume we like breasts too, well… that is also true!

So for this “No Shave November” we are stepping it up a notch here in the WILSON camp and calling on you to show us what you got. We've decided to make a dedication to both our love for beards and boobs this November and create a plan to give back to those beautiful flesh mounds of joy who have given so much to us over the years.

So here’s the plan! For the entire month of November if you come to the WILSON Facebook page and post a picture of you sporting a beard we will donate .50 cents to the Keep A Breast Foundation. It can be a picture of you with a beard already or your process during “No Shave November”. HOWEVER, no 5 o’clock shadow bullcrap or any other wimpy shit…it needs to look like you have at least dedicated a few days to looking like a real scumbag. SERIOUSLY DON’T COME AT US WITH ANY PUNY WEAK MAN SHENANIGANS! Make an effort to be a slob for Christ sake. And ONE picture per person!

So here’s the link to our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/wilsonparties
Pop over there and show us and….well, those boobies your adoration.

Read about the Keep A Breast Foundation here - http://www.keep-a-breast.org/