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Envy On The Coast are streaming the entirety of their new EP Ritual—the band's first new music in seven years—over at Billboard. Listen to it below!

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Ritual drops tomorrow, June 30, on Equal Vision Records. As EOTC's Brian Byrne and Ryan Hunter told AP last year, the band's self-described “reincarnation” was sparked by the pair's low-key reunion in April of 2016, their first inkling of renewed activity since the band packed it up after their 2010's Lowcountry.

“This EP is a bit of a time capsule that we decided to offer as a first impression for this iteration of our band,” the newfound duo tell Billboard of the EP that's been seven years in the making. “These songs represent a time of turmoil and uncertainty in our musical and personal lives that took place seven years ago.”

“The reason we decided not to keep going with Envy in the first place is that Brian and I wanted to do different things creatively,” Hunter revealed to AP in 2016. “This does something that none of my projects in the past six years do, and I really want to do it again. I want to have that in my life.”

“It’s always been that dynamic between the two of us that drove [this] thing. That’s the reality of the creative process of the band.”

Listen to the Ritual EP here:

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