[Photo by: espionage_cosmetics/Instagram]

Gamer and beauty folks, there’s a product that’s actually made for you. That’s right: Espionage Cosmetics produce self-proclaimed “nerdy makeup,” and their new compacts are inspired by ‘90s Gameboy cartridges.

Cool, right?

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Each compact includes an eyeshadow, which they explain can be mixed and matched inside each cartridge. Plus, they have unveiled five new pressed shadows for you to choose from. Amazing. (Not to mention, select options come with an exclusive Nerd Manicure, which is only available during this presale.)

Check out some of the epic designs below!

If you want a closer peek at what you can order, check out their site here! And though the compacts are only available for preorder now, noting they’ll be available May 5, it’s the perfect pre-Christmas gift to gift yourself… Er, your friend… Right?

Would you pick up an epic gaming-inspired compact? Let us know in the comments below!