Eternal Boy are rebooting in more ways than one.

The band formerly known as the Spacepimps draw influence from the Drive-Thru Records era. They've been on Warped Tour and performed with the likes of New Found Glory and Sum 41.

“Awkward Phase” is the band's debut as Eternal Boy, and they're premiering the track and its accompanying video through us!

“We are excited to 'reboot' so to speak. The interesting thing about this name change is that our ethos is the same: same songs, same band, same genre, just a new “look” with this new candy coated shell. We felt like for years people were passing on us because of how juvenile the name sounded and we lost a good bit of potential listeners as a result. We are always about progress and getting our music to the most listeners possible. Eternal Boy insinuates who are, were, and will be in the future, and 'Awkward Phase' shows that direction in the music and video,” vocalist Rishi Bahl said.

Check out “Awkward Phase” below!

Here are some of the band's upcoming shows.

July 16 – Queens, NY – Hollis Woods Center

July 23 – Long Island, NY – Hoff Fest @ Ringhoff's Farmhouse

July 29 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar w/ Punchline

July 30 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fire

August 13 – Leymone, PA – The Champ

August 28 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen

September 10 – Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant St. 

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